Airport Services

Public Safety

In Corpus Christi International Airport, the Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMS) is staffed 24 hours each day to provide firefighting, law enforcement, and emergency medical services to facilities and customers at the airport. Airport Public Safety Officers are well trained to provide the help that is needed to keep the public and the costumers safe on airport property.

The airport public safety department activates firefighting and emergency medical mutual aid responses in the event of an aircraft incident or a structure fire, from the City of Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. This partnership provides paramedic level medical care and crew strength Corpus Christi International Airport.

Public Safety (Police, Fire, EMT) of the Corpus Christi International Airport consists of 20 officers, including police, aircraft rescue, and EMT firefighters.

In Terminal Services:

Gift Shop

In the Corpus Christi International Airport, you can find Caller-Times News and Gift shop. They offer everything passengers may need before boarding the plane, starting from various souvenirs, newspapers, magazines, snacks ending with personal care products. The shop also sells several brands of high-end sunglasses.

Sky Cabs

The committed Sky Cabs are always there to help you with your baggage curbside, at CCIA. Working from morning to mid-afternoon hours, these guys know their job.

Shoe Shine Stands

At CCIA, you can get service from Watchamacaller's Place. They offer shoe shine services to all visitors. You can find Mr. Carl Walker between the United and Southwest ticket counters on the first floor of the terminal from 7 am – 3 pm.